Roger Stone – Why I Won’t Run For Florida Governor



    Miami Herald’s Marc Caputo just broke the story that Roger Stone will NOT run for Florida Governor. Stone’s full statement is below —




    “While I am sorely tempted to be a candidate for Governor of Florida, I am announcing today that I will not be a candidate. I have come to the conclusion that my own, shall we say, colorful lifestyle and the bumps and scars of hundreds of political fights would be a distraction from our message of Liberty.


    I am also a political realist. Florida is one of the most expensive media states in the country. It will take millions of dollars to even make voters aware that there is an alternative to the Democrats and Republicans. If there is any lesson from last year’s Presidential campaign it is this- it doesn’t do any good to have a compelling platform if no one knows about it.



    You could shake hands with voters everyday between now and Election Day and not reach as many voters as one prime-time television spot in the Miami media market. “Money is the mother’s milk of politics” as a great politician once said.



    I have no interest in a symbolic race or protest candidacy. Without money- and the press coverage that comes with the viability money connotes, a statewide candidacy is doomed. Has anyone noticed that, other than the local Naples newspaper, there is no media here today?



    I have suggested that Tom Golisano of Naples, on the Forbes list as one of the wealthiest businessmen in America, who once spent $75 million on an Independent candidacy for Governor of New York on a Libertarian platform to consider making the race.



    While I disagree with Governor Rick Scott on some issues the prospect of putting Charlie Crist back in the Governor’s office, even if inadvertently, is something I cannot be a party to. 823,000 jobs lost in just four years, early embrace of Obamacare and flip-flopping on every issue for politics. No, four more years of Charlie Crist is unthinkable.



    I plan to channel my efforts toward the 2014 Constitutional Amendment to allow doctors to prescribe medicinal marijuana for those who are suffering or dying. My own father died a horrific death from bone cancer just eight weeks ago. I watched as the poisonous drugs they gave my father to ease his pain destroyed his quality of life and did more harm than good. I am convinced medicinal marijuana would have helped my father. Those in the Florida Legislature who would not allow even a hearing on medicinal marijuana should be ashamed of themselves.



    Some in the Libertarian party need to learn that politics is the art of inclusion. Politics is about addition and not subtraction. Politics is about running more candidates for office not less. Politics is not about arguing about the arcania of Austrian economic theory or endless bickering over party rules.



    I think it is great that the Libertarian Party of Florida will select it’s candidates for statewide office in an August 2014 primary- but I ask you- who are our candidates for CFO, Attorney General and Commissioner of Agriculture? Political parties grow from the grassroots up not from the top down.



    The Liberty movement is bigger than any one person or any one political party. It is, in my opinion, the only force than can save our cherished freedoms. I congratulate those here today who have dedicated themselves to this movement for America’s future.