Using the A.R.T.I.S.T.R.Y Formula to Connect With the Millennial Generation


    By Mayra Etayo


    If you were born between 1980 and 2000, you are known as a Millennial. And according to the latest Time Magazine issue, Millennials are “narcissistic. They’re lazy. They’re coddled. They’re even a bit delusional.” Don’t take offense….they are also optimistic, confident and pragmatic at a time when it can be difficult just to get by. They are also one more thing – at 80 million strong, they are the largest age grouping in the United States possibly making them the single most important generation since Baby Boomers.


    Each year, the purchasing power of this sector grows. It makes sense that special focus be paid in targeting this group. So knowing how to communicate effectively with them in your marketing efforts is important.  


    Tru Pettigrew, founder of Tru Access, a resource for multicultural Millennials and the corporations and brands looking to employ and connect with them, believes the solution lies in bridging the cultural and generational gaps.


    According to Tru Pettigrew, there are generational shaping events that have impacted this generation that this world has never seen or experienced before just based on technology alone. Things have grown and changed at an incredibly rapid pace and continue to do so. So much so, that there are even distinct differences between older Millennials and younger Millennials due to those rapid changes.


    Pettigrew has developed the A.R.T.I.S.T.R.Y formula to help you successfully connect with today’s general market (aka Multicultural Millennials)



    A = Access – Ensure that you have direct access points to this audience as well as the trusted voices and influencers they look to so that you can credibly integrate yourself into their world. Not just online access, live offline interaction and engagement as well.


    R = Reciprocity – Show them that you understand and care about what matters to them. Support their causes and issues and don’t just take money from them and their communities without giving something back beyond just the product or service they paid for.


    T = Technology – A world full of innovative technology is all they know. They expect technology to be seamlessly integrated into all interactions. It should be used in a way that enhances the experience or interaction and not just used randomly because it’s a new technology you want to show off.


    I = Insight – It is important to have a system of an ongoing information flow. Things change rapidly with this audience and you will quickly lose relevance and connectivity if you don’t keep your finger on the pulse of the key influencers and drivers that dictate their behavior and decisions.


    S = Strategy – Leverage the insight you garner from this generation to develop an overarching strategy that meets your business goals and objectives. Employing fun and exciting tactics that don’t ladder up to an insights based strategy creates confusion.


    T = Trust – Building trust with this audience is a must. There is already a sense that many brands and the older generation decision makers at these brands have selfish intentions. Spend more quality time with them in real life, not just virtually. Remember, Frequency breeds Familiarity and Familiarity breeds Trust.


    R = Relationship – This art is directly tied to Trust. This audience wants to be in relationships with brands they support; internally and/or externally. They don’t just want to be considered another customer or another employee. They want the benefits of being in a mutually beneficial relationship.


    Y = Youthful – Maintain a youthful spirit. The best way to do this is to spend time with them. Don’t rely on secondary research to get to know them, engage them. Create and participate in memorable experiences.



    Over the course of her extensive twenty-two year career Mayra Etayo has worked with over 50 local, national and international companies including, American Red Cross, March of Dimes, and AMACO Oil, the Village of Key Biscayne, encompassing media relations and press conferences, community relations, events production, newsletters, and crises communications.