A Letter From Mom On Love & 2nd Amendment


    By Megan Boland


    Dear Kiddos,


    Mother’s Day has just passed and I’ve been ruminating about what it’s like to be a Mom. The more I thought about what a Mom is the more I thought about you, my children.


    I don’t know how you have the ability to be so poignant and yet be so tiny and young. Sometimes your profoundness unnerves me, as if you can see something that others can’t.  Sometimes your comments are matter of fact statements of truth that are overlooked and taken for granted in the adult world. Since I have a larger vocabulary I would think it easier for me to state the obvious. It turns out that the limited vocabulary is perfect for speaking truths.


    Your perceptions of events are skewed from an innocent mind. For example, after you loves were tucked into bed, Mommy and Daddy turned on the news to follow what the latest developments were in Watertown, MA. We fumbled for the remote as small footsteps fast approached. Neither one of us wanted to attempt to explain nor lie to you about current events. We gave each other a fearful look of who was going to talk first about the situation when you exclaimed, “Can I watch the parade?”. There were no questions as to why a parade would happen late at night or what was the relevance of the day. To you, it was the natural conclusion from the images on the screen: police, flashing lights, crowds on the street waving and cheering.  No other questions,  just the profound statement that, “Police are strong and brave. They should have more parades.” 


    You, kiddos, are innocently charming. The laughter that comes from you spills up from your toes. Seeing you find fascination in everyday sights, sounds and smells brings me joy. Sometimes just sitting in your company I feel like I have a case of combustible happiness. 


    With that happiness comes my responsibility to prepare you for the real world and life lessons. Some lessons come naturally and others from heartache but they indelibly make you wiser. And with this knowledge is power; the power to be more truly yourself. 


    I hope that you recognize these truths / life lessons and apply them during your life: 


    – Your love of playgrounds continues and eventually translates into a deep bond with lifetime friendships. 


    – You remember that when you run before you master walking you stumble, and fall. Eventually I hope you realize it’s our attempt to stand up again and walk that ultimately matters. The running will happen when you’ve mastered the basics. 


    – Or that when you open the door and motion to the dogs to leave they will run out, every time. Please understand that not everything you casually let out will come back, so be careful what/who you let out.


    – Likewise, be friendly to all but select your relationships wisely. Make sure you are treated with respect and kindness.  (And if someone ever hurts you Mommy will high-five them in the face.)


    – The confidence that you display while unabashedly singing your made-up song permanently permeates into your core. This confidence will allow you to accept faith in God, our country and yourself. 


    – Think back on playing pirate,  princess, Soldier, or dancer and understand you thought you could do anything. You can. Make sure whatever you choose to do professionally you have the same enthusiasm for. 


    – While you complain that learning the alphabet and numbers is hard, when you succeed you clap and smile showing genuine excitement. Everything that is hard yields positive results (even if you don’t realize it at the time).


    – That you recognize that firearms are neither good nor bad; they are intangible items.  Respect the safety rules that Mommy and Daddy have taught you; when you are older (and if you are interested) we will teach you how to shoot. (And yes, to answer your question, I do think the camo shotgun will still be available, when you’re “a bigger kid”). 



    I believe that you, Lovebugs, are capable of wonderful things on an individual and community level. It is for these truths / life lessons and love that I support the 2nd Amendment. It’s not because of the negative possibilities that lurk in the far, dark crevices of our mind, but the positive possibilities that are on the surface every day. I don’t need to hear about rape, beatings, or robberies to convince me to take advantage of the 2nd Amendment. All I have to do is look at you and know all that energy and happiness has to be preserved so you too have the opportunity to master these life lessons. 


    I love you a bushel and a peck, a hug around the neck and with a holster on my hip. 






    Megan Boland is the owner of The Downrange Girl. The Downrange Girl is committed to supporting and enhancing female firearm ownership through education, civic participation and providing quality gear for women. You can visit The Downrange Girl at facebook.com/TheDownrangeGirl.