The Killers: Battle Born Tour


    By William Butler


    The Killers announced this week that they will be adding an Orlando performance to their world tour. The concert will go on sale this Saturday (5/11/2013) at 10:00AM and the show will be August 16th, 2013 at the Hard Rock Live. For individuals who have made special purchases from The Killers this year, presales are currently available.


    Being the first article that I’m writing for the music section, I think it’s only appropriate that it be about my all-time favorite band. I love The Killers. I always have and I probably always will. They are a band that I probably will annoy my kids about. Growing up, I had to endure it with Bruce Springsteen. For my children, they’ll have to do the same with Brandon Flowers.


    I’ve been to several of their shows before and they get better every time I see them. Their shows feature an extensive set list, impressive visuals, and better-than-album vocals. The last time they performed at Hard Rock was when they were promoting their debut album, Hot Fuss (2004). This album was probably the indie rock anthem for the 2000s and if you don’t know one song from the album, don’t let anyone know because they probably do. Hits from this album included Mr. Brightside and Somebody Told Me. Although these may be the most popular songs, the entire album is an experience. The album has a theme of Las Vegas life and explores the nightlife, romance, and moral decay of the city. My personal favorites are Everything Will Be Alright and Believe Me Natalie.


    Their sophomore album, Sam’s Town (2006), was also a commercial success. Singles from the album include When You Were Young and Read My Mind. Again, the album takes an Americana theme with rustic imagery and nostalgic themes. The sound is a lot more refined and a bit of a sidestep from their boyish roots. Favorites from this album include Uncle Jonny and For Reasons Unknown. This tour was a lot larger than their first and included much more flamboyant lights and special effects. Sawdust (2007) was a “b-sides and rarities” album that did not sell as many copies as their other studio albums but was still favorable to fans. Shadow and Tranquilize were two singles from the album.


    Their third album Day & Age (2008) was rubbed a “transitional” album by USA Today. It received mostly positive reviews, went Gold in the US and platinum in several other countries, and enjoyed an extensive tour DVD. Singles included Human and Spaceman. The album is much more electric than their other efforts and Brandon Flowers cited it as the bands “most playful record.” Personal favorites include A Dustland Fairytale and Neon Tiger.


    The killers took a break between Day & Age and Battle Born (2012). This was similar to their break between Sam’s Town and Day & Age although there was no rarities album. Rather, they released several singles and performed various songs for videos. Battle Born was both a commercial and critical success. It reached number 1 on the US Billboard Rock Albums, Alternative Albums, and UK Albums Chart. Singles from the album include Runaways and Miss Atomic Bomb. The album features a retro vibe housed in arena rock roots. Personal favorites include Deadlines and Commitments and The Rising Tide.       



    Overall, The Killers have been a very active band for a while. They are one of the few indie-rock bands that rose to commercial success and still held true to their roots. This was possible by working with Stuart Price on almost every album and opening their own studio to maintain artistic integrity. I would highly recommend them to anyone.



    William Butler is a psychology and pre-medical student at the University of Central Florida. He is also pursuing a minor in music. He performs in the Arts in Medicine (AIM) organization from the UCF College of Medicine where he plays contrabass. He has been studying and performing music for seven years and can play piano, bass, and guitar. He also holds a weekly article with the Health and Medicine section of the East Orlando Post.