Lt. Governor Sandy Adams? 5 Reasons Rick Scott Would Benefit


    By Jacob Engels


    Earlier this afternoon, Mike Synan of FOX35 hinted at the fact that former Orange County Sheriff, State Representative, and Congresswoman Sandy Adams could be Governor Rick Scott’s pick to succeed Jennifer Carroll as Lt. Governor. In an interview with Mike Synan of FOX35, Governor Scott said Sandy was a respected legislator in both the state house and in congress.


    5 Reasons Why Sandy Would Help Scott’s Chances in 2014 —


     – Sandy is a well respected legislator, both in the State House and in Congress.


     – Sandy has a squeaky clean background and would not leave Scott wondering if he could have another Jennifer Carroll sitaution on his hands.


     – Sandy would connect with female voters. She escaped an abusive relationship, was a single mom, and lead the charge for the reninvigorated Violence Against Women Act in Congress.


     – Sandy is a tenacious campaigner and great retail politician. Her public speaking has improved vastly in the past few years and could be the conduit Rick Scott needs to make a connection with Florida voters.


     – Sandy would give Rick Scott more credibilty with key tea party and conservative groups that have become angered with the Governor in recent months.



    With that being said, my gut tells me that Sandy, even if she was asked by Rick Scott to be Lt. Gov, would say no.  Be sure to watch FOX35 tonight at 6PM with Mike Synan to find out if we will have a Lt. Governor Sandy Adams or not.


    UPDATE – Reached via phone, Sandy told the East Orlando Post that she has not yet heard from Governor Scott, but that she would certainly discuss it with the Governor if he does call.