Weekly Baking Tip – Organic Ingredients Are A Must


    By Kellie Mitchell


    Please let me start by introducing myself.  My name is Kellie, and I am the owner and sole baker for All From Scratch.  This is where my joy of baking and being healthy merge into one.  Really, you say, healthy and sweets are usually an oxymoron.  But it’s true, as I make Gourmet Cookies, Brownies, Toffees, Fudge, Cupcakes and Specialty Cakes using only Organic and All Natural ingredients…All From Scratch.  So you can have your cookie and eat it too!


    In this weekly article, I’m going to pass on a tip that works for me.  I don’t claim to know it all, and would love to hear from you with both questions and comments.


    With all that said, my first tip will be to use as many organic and all natural ingredients as you can find and afford.  I truly believe that the better the ingredients, the better the taste and texture of what you are baking.  Flour, for example, is not always equal.  If you use organic, or at least unbleached and non-bromated, you will see a big difference your goodies.  Evaporated Cane Juice is what sugar should really be.  And you can replace Corn Syrup with Mahave Agave Nectar.  (Some swear by maple syrup, but I prefer to keep that for my pancakes.)  But whatever you choose, keep it natural and your body and taste-buds will thank you!


    Have a great week and happy baking!!