Our Take: Hash House A Go Go


    By Richard Currey


    “Wow, look at the size of that plate” is something that was heard coming from both our table and the tables around us while sitting at a newly opened restaurant in the tourist district of Orlando. Hash House A Go Go is a small farm to table chain that got its start in Vegas and is now in its ninth iteration here in Orlando. It is located in the old Whistle Stop Junction location near the Festival Bay mall.



    We decided to head to Hash House a go go after a late night out at Drip (review to come soon) on our anniversary. We were informed that on Saturdays and Sundays the Brunch menu is served all day. We were also informed that we should expect our meals to come out at varying times due to the differing cook times. This is to ensure that our meal is served hot and fresh from the kitchen. My meal arrived first.



    I selected the closest thing that they have to a signature dish in the Andy’s Sage Fried Chicken Benedict ($15.95) which like you would expect is a fried chicken breast with maple reduction, two eggs, bacon mashed potatoes and a homemade biscuit. The chicken was very tasty although was just a tad dry for my liking. The maple reduction made up for that dryness though and added a wonderful sweet element to my savory chicken. My two eggs, ordered over medium, came out stiff but still runny and the potatoes had a really good flavor with a very nice lumpy homemade consistency.



    My wife on the other hand ordered the chorizo hash ($12.95) which was fresh chorizo, jalapenos, cheddar cheese and fresh tomato served over a bed of cooked potatoes. The chorizo was a wonderfully spicy sausage that flavored the rest of the plate with its juices. It came with another massive homemade biscuit and scrambles eggs.



    Now you may think that this is a little bit much for breakfast, but hold it right there. Although, the size of the meal closely resembles a dinner portion, it will easily feed two if you want to share, or will allow you to take a box home to eat later.



    Next time you find yourself headed out to Universal or Disney, make a quick stop on your way and pick up a hearty farm fresh meal at Hash House A Go Go.



    Richard Currey is a writer/editor that has lived in East Orlando for the last 14 years, moving here to become a student at UCF. You can follow him on twitter at @FatGuyFix to keep up to date with his food travels as well as his other personal thought.