Suspicious White Powder Found Near Lake Pickett Road


    According to WESH and the Orlando Sentinel, the Orange County Bomb Squad is investigating a suspicious white powder found in a mobile home park near Lake Pickett Road. We will update you as soon as more information becomes available.




    According to deputies, a man died and when friends showed up at his mobile home they found the jars. Officials are working to identify each of the chemicals and figure out the proper way to dispose of them. In the meantime, the mobile home park has been evacuated.


    Homes on La Crosse Avenue, Marquette Avenue, Rockhurst Avenue, Kent State Avenue and Wesleyan Boulevard were all evacuated and the roads were shut down. Deputies said some parents at Cheney Elementary, Bonneville Elementary and East River High School had to pick their children up at the schools’ campuses.


    Deputies said the chemicals did not cause the man’s death.