UCF Professor Star Of New Wal-Mart Commercial


    By Jacob Engels


    Earlier this week, I saw a facebook post from my friend Sunshine Baker, who is a professor at UCF…..about a new Wal-Mart commercial that she is starring in. The commercial will be airing throughout Florida for the next two weeks. Our Q&A with Sunshine is below —


    How did you end up being in a Walmart commercial?

    I have some friends who do acting and modeling through a local casting company. I followed the company – www.247cast.com – on Facebook and they announced a Walmart casting call a few weeks ago. I filmed a little demo interview and was chosen to shoot the commercial- it filmed this Tuesday.

    Tell us about shooting the commercial?

    It was so much fun, I got to go and buy whatever I wanted at Publix- I just shopped there like I normally shop, and then they rang up the same items at Walmart to see how much I’d save. The crew was so much fun to work with, and it was cool getting my hair and makeup done. I loved working with Earl Chaney- he’s a local actor who is the national Walmart spokesperson and films these commercials nationwide. He’s funny, personable, and really made me feel comfortable, since this was my first time filming something for TV. When he’d tell me the prices of the items, I’d respond, and we did a few takes of each item. I said lots of different responses when we filmed, but the 30 second edited commercial has me saying “That’s Incredible!” twice. My colleagues at UCF saw the commercial and have started saying “That’s Incredible!” whenever they see me- I guess I have a new catchphrase!

    When will the commercial be airing…..and can people view it online?

    It started airing today, Thursday April 25, and I’ve been getting calls and texts all day from friends who’ve seen it while watching TV. It’s also posted online at www.walmart.com/orlando.

    Is this just the beginning? Any future acting roles coming down the pike?

    Actually, yes. Earl and the crew really enjoyed working with me and recommended me to the Diamond Agency that represents him. Right after the filming, we went there and I met with them. They signed me on the spot, so now I have an agent! My modeling and acting profile is already online, at http://www.247cast.com/sunshinebaker. I’m on summer break from teaching at UCF and I like to keep busy, so I’m hoping to do some more fun commercial jobs like this.



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