The Daily City’s Food Truck Bazaar – Best Picks For Avalon Stops


    By Richard Currey


    With the food truck trifecta this week in Avalon Park with Daily City Food Truck Bazaar returning to Avalon Park on Wednesday at Timber Creek High and Sunday in Downtown Avalon as well as a fundraiser at Avalon Elementary on Friday, I figured I would take some time to introduce you to some of my favorite trucks that will be participating. I won’t be providing prices as a number of items change price based on availability and cost of the ingredients.


    C&S Brisket Bus


    C&S is known for their home cured meats and stacked sandwiches. The black and blue, which has smoked brisket, a house made blue cheese dressing and a blackened brioche bun is always a fan favorite. Another favorite is the Tex-Mex which is a wonderful smoked BBQ brisket, special sauce, cheddar and jalapenos on Texas toast. If you are looking for a unique treat, try adding one of their homemade bacons to any sandwich for a small upcharge. It is completely worth the price and your taste buds will thank you.


    Twisted Cuban


    Twisted Cuban is exactly what it sounds like, Cuban food with a twist. Their Cuban Sandwiches are a staple but there are other things on their menu that are a must try. The GBD balls, which stands for Golden Brown Delicious, are a breaded and deep fried version of Arroz Con Pollo that is a great appetizer to share. They are served with a nice red pepper dipping sauce that I tend to add a little bit of Sriracha sauce to at the suggestion of the owner of the truck, Alex. They also serve my wife’s favorite food truck food, their beef tacos. It is a slow cooked beef that is served with queso fresco, black bean puree and a cilantro lime dressing. They may be a bit messy, but worth every bite.


    Melissa’s Chicken and Waffles


    Melissa’s Chicken and Waffle recently upgraded their truck and takes the award for biggest truck you will see at a bazaar. The new converted RV serves some great meals and desserts. Their spicy chicken and waffle is probably my favorite savory item. A delightfully fried piece of chicken cut up and placed on a warm waffle and served with a spicy mayo, lettuce and tomato. As far as dessert is concerned, the chocolate, peanut butter and nutella waffle is an over the top indulgence that is sure to please as a shared dessert.


    Carobama BBQ


    Carobama is one of the newer trucks at the bazaars, taking over the barbeque void left from Firehouse BBQ and Redeye BBQ before them. I am a fan of the Palmetto which is a wonderful mixture of pulled pork, Carolina mustard sauce, coleslaw and banana peppers. They also have one of the rarer regional barbecue sauces, a Bama white BBQ sauce, which is an intriguing combination of mayonnaise, vinegar and spices.


    Yum Yum Cupcake Truck


    Yum Yum is one of the original trucks in the area and has a wonderful selection of tasty treats. There are a number of seasonal cakes but a few of the staples that I enjoy are The Ballad of El Churro which tastes like a wonderful version of its namesake, the churro.  S’mores Please is another classic that is a wonderful blend of chocolate cupcake and a marshmallow frosting.


    The Crepe Company


    Crepes aren’t just for dessert anymore. The crepe lady is bringing home both the dessert and savory crepes. You get to choose your toppings which can range from chocolate to turkey. I personally am a fan of the standard turkey with vegetables that is topped with a creamy ranch sauce. However, if you are looking for a bite to satisfy that sweet tooth, the Classic Crepe with nutella and bananas is always a crowd pleaser.


    Richard Currey is a writer/editor that has lived in East Orlando for the last 14 years, moving here to become a student at UCF. You can follow him on twitter at @FatGuyFix to keep up to date with his food travels as well as his other personal thought.