The Post Reviews “The ABCs of Death”


    By Joseph Pardo


    From Magnolia Pictures and Magnet Releasing, the anthology revival The ABCs of Death, utilizes every excuse for blood soaked scenes that would entertain any hardcore horror junkie. It’s repulsive, and that’s what we love about it.


    The ABCs of Death is a feature length film that gave 26 directors from around the world a separate letter of the alphabet, and each had to come up with a word that they would build their short around, making it perhaps the single most ambitious anthology in years. From apocalypses to arachnophobia, from slit throats to Bigfoot, The ABCs of Death has it all!


    While each letter is presented in order, the chosen word isn’t revealed until the end of each short. By the end of the film we had made it into a game, trying to guess what the short was about.


    Though The ABCs of Death has a couple of boring and odd shorts, overall it’s a satisfying ride that will keep you entertained. Horrendous and courageous, The ABCs of Death will be considered an experiment that hardcore horror fiends and fans should witness. It is sure to shock, captivate, and stimulate a worthwhile conversation.