Branding 101 – Repetition is Key


    By Rob Henlon


    The idea of branding can be traced back centuries ago when someone came up with the great idea to use a hot iron as a means to permanently mark the hides of their livestock. Custom symbols and designs were used with the idea that if someone would come across a stray beast, they would immediately be able to identify the owner.  In the business world the same ideology applies to the material you want customers to identify your company with…your brand.  


    Though the thought of charring your brand on flesh may be intriguing, it is definitely more profitable to “char” your brand in the minds of your potential clients.  The key is repetition. Most small businesses do not have the budget to saturate television or radio air ways like major corporations therefore, it is crucial to take advantage of the more cost effective means accessible for you to communicate with the people you want to attract to your business.  As a business owner your branding package should consist of a logo, business cards, and in this day and age, a website.  A tagline (or slogan) can also help set you apart from your competition.  Here’s a quick breakdown of five key aspects of a strong branding package:



    1. Your logo, business card, and website should all have a common feel.


    1. At an eye’s glance, your logo should give an idea of what your company represents, or have a memorable aspect to it, yet simple.


    1. The business cards you use should have the *colors of your organization as well as your logo, contact information, website URL, tagline,and services you provide.


    1. Your website should be a larger representation of your business card as well as the physical location of the business (office or store).   *Social media and blogging  can be integrated to expand your reach and to develop a relationship with your clients, keeping them connected to your business and helping establish loyalty to your product or services.   


    1. Your tagline should be to the point, yet convey what your company, service, or product represents, and why you should be chosen over your competitors.  It should be something memorable or catchy so people can remember it if they cannot recall your company’s name.     


    We caught up with Rob a few weeks ago, and have put our on camera interview with him below —





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