Heart of Christmas Farms Hosts Farmers Market With Other Local Businesses




    By Jacob Engels 


    Tomorrow, on Sunday April 14th from 12PM to 5PM, Heart of Christmas Farms will be holding their regular farmers market. Richard Kann, Owner of Heart of Christmas Farms confirmed that several local businesses will be partaking in the event and shares more about the farmers market below —



We have a growing number of vendors that are participating in our farmers market.  Crispy Farms, which provides plants, seeds, organic chicken/turkey, jams and will be in attendance, and their chicken generally goes pretty quickly. Escentual Harmony Luxury Soaps, Emma’s Sweets, All Baked from Scratch, and Red Wagon Bakery, which bakes some amazing natural bread will also be in attendance along with a host of other great local businesses.


    We are open to other vendors too as long as they are a local grower or producer. Of course our farm store will also be open with fresh, organic produce, raw dairy (milk, butter, cream, yogurt, cheese), grass-fed beef, honey, grains, nuts, spices, and more.”


    We attended Heart of Christmas Farms most recent farmers market and it was really fun. One of our favorite vendors provided made from scratch organic dog treats. We will be heading out to the farmers market this Sunday to stock up on everything from produce to spices, and we hope to see you there! Heart of Christmas Farms is located at 21310 Fort Christmas Road, Christmas, FL 32709. 


    Jacob Engels, is the Founder of East Orlando Post. Along with the Post, he owns several other businesses and is currently enrolled at Valencia College. Jacob has lived in Avalon Park since it’s founding and enjoys playing with his black Labradoodle Jasper, listening to indie rock, and seeking out new business ventures. He can be reached at info@eastorlandopost.com