Our Take: 100 Montaditos


    100 Montaditos recently opened in the Waterford Lakes shopping center without much fanfare. It is a tapas style sandwich chain with cheap small sandwiches that is based out of South Florida. My wife and I decided to head over and check it out one night and I have to say I was not impressed.


    The sandwiches cost between $1.50 and $2.50 and are about the size of a half of a standard hotdog bun. Granted, the prices are low, but the sandwiches are small and the meat is lacking. Although, there are options for combos in which you get a set number and style of sandwiches my wife and I split six sandwiches as well as a side of French fries.


    The sandwiches that we partook in were the fairly flavorful but were lacking in meat. There was a small slice of turkey on one of our sandwiches and maybe a teaspoon and a half of tuna on another. The best of the sandwiches was the number 89 ($2.50) which was Philly steak, brie cheese, honey Dijon and crispy onion. Although the sandwich was small it packed a good flavor and contained the most meat. This one was also served on a chapata roll instead of their standard small French roll.


    The fries ($2.50) that we had were well cooked but, like most chains, they use a frozen French fry. They were served with 4 different sauces, ketchup, honey mustard, Ali Oli and Brava sauce. None of them stood out but the size was definitely good enough to split.


    The location has a welcoming appearance and they do serve beer, wine and sangria but it left a lot to be desired. My only recommendation is that if you do want to give it a shot, go on a Wednesday when they offer almost their entire menu for $1.


    Richard Currey is a writer/editor that has lived in East Orlando for the last 14 years, moving here to become a student at UCF. You can follow him on twitter at @FatGuyFix to keep up to date with his food travels as well as his other personal thought.