Most Overlooked Fundamental In Golf? Alignment


    By Jered Gusso


    The most over looked fundamental in the game of golf is Alignment.  8 out of 10 golfers have poor alignment typically aiming their bodies too far to the right (right handed players).  Poor alignment typically causes a slice, which curves the ball left to right and typically lacks power. 


    To make sure you have proper alignment you want to make sure your feet, knees, hips and shoulders are all aimed parallel to the left of the target approximately 5-10 yards.


    Let me know how this works for you and I hope this helps you hit the ball straighter and score lower! 


    SIDE NOTE – We got to speak with Jered last Saturday and have posted the video below –





    Jered grew up in Minneapolis, MN playing golf and Ice Hockey. He spent his youth developing a love and passion for the game of golf. He went to Methodist University in Fayetteville, NC where he was a Two-Time first team All-American and Academic All-American.  After graduating from Methodist University, Jered fulfilled a childhood dream of becoming a Professional golfer.  He toured the country for 6 years winning 3 professional  golf tournaments, with the most notable being the Minnesota State Open in 2005. Jered is the Director of Instruction at the Gusso Golf Academy, which is located at the Stoneybrook Golf Club in East Orlando. To book your lesson with Jered or to get more information visit or contact the Academy via email or phone at (407) 205-9229.