Orange County Academy Student Gets VIP Treatment At Orlando Magic Game



    By Jacob Engels 


    Last week, we raffled off two VIP tickets to one of the Orlando Magic’s last home games. The winners, George Stalcup who is a student at Orange County Academy and Timothy McKinney who is the Executive Vice President of United Global Outreach, which oversees OCA share a little bit about the experience below — 


    From Timothy McKinney — 


    “Having the opportunity to take George, who is a huge basketball fan, to a Magic Game and sit so very close to the action is transformational. The whole experience really was first class from the VIP Entrance, to the Mercedes Star Lounge for dinner before the game and desert at half time to the leather seats near the court.


     Of course, I like any opportunity to spoil Orange County Academy students because I love them all so much and want the very best for them but to have an experience like this visually displays to our students and parents that THEY can be and do anything if they work hard and stay focused weather it be in sports, business or life. This was more than just going to a game for George. Stay tuned.”


    From George Stalcup — 


    “The best part of being at the Magic game was sitting so close to the players. They are a lot bigger in real life than on TV! Actually the whole thing was pretty awesome!”



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