Local Educators: Orange County Academy, Part 1


    By Jacob Engels


    Several weeks ago, we began writing about the transformation effort-taking place in Bithlo being led by United Global Outreach and the Orange County Academy. While we were touring Orange County Academy, we got a chance to speak with some of the educators working at OCA.

    We asked them how long they have been working with OCA and to share a little bit about their roles and feelings about their experiences thus far. This week, we feature responses from three of the educators we interviewed and next week we will finish with the remaining responses.


    Janice DellaRocco, Principal of Orange County Academy

    I live here locally and felt that it was time that I got involved in helping out the Bithlo Transformation effort. We have a wonderfully talented group of educators here at Orange County Academy, the best team in the whole country, in my opinion.


    Glynna Gilbert, Administrative Lead Teacher of Orange County Academy

    I have been here since the start and have been able to see the transformation taking place here in Bithlo because of the Orange County Academy and United Global Outreach, for the better, of course. I handle the middle school students and have had the pleasure of seeing our students grow in so many ways since the founding of the Orange County Academy.


    Cheryl Robertson, Kindergarten to 3rd Grade Teacher at Orange County Academy

    I used to teach with Janice at another school and I was looking for a job over the summer and called her and she said why don’t you come help at summer camp and see if you would like to stay with us. It’s different than anything I’ve ever done and completely more rewarding than anything I have ever done before. 


    Check back next week to read the responses from the remaining teachers. Until then, you can learn more about the Orange County Academy by clicking here.



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