NYC Day 3 (Last Day) – Citi Field, Williamsburg, Sparks Steak House


    By Jacob Engels


    Citi Field —

    Since we were staying so close to Citi Field, we decided to check it out Citi Field before we went over to Williamsburg. Citi Field wasn’t open (opening day is on Monday), but there was certainly a lot going on. We spotted 100 workers at least, doing everything from window washing to replacing mulch. It was a beautiful structure and just fun to walk around and take in. With not much to do since it was closed, we dropped a pin and UBER dispatched our town car. If you are in town during the season or off season, this is a “Must Do.”

    The Bagel Store —

    While we were on our way to Williamsburg, we looked up breakfast joints and settled on The Bagel Store. Once we walked inside however, it was pretty clear we made the wrong choice. It was super busy, they did not take credit cards, and as a result the delivery of the bagels and other food to customers was very disorganized. When we finally got our bagels, one of the employees demanded he see our receipt to make sure we were eating the bagel we ordered (Are you serious?). Aside from all the problems with delivery and payment, the bagels were not anything to write home about. The Bagel Store has made our “DO NOT GO” list.

    Earwax Records —

    After the fiasco at The Bagel Store, we delved into the heart of Williamsburg and found a really cool place called Earwax Records. From CD’s to LP’s, they had it all. Their selection of new, used, and antique record players very eclectic and wide ranging. Om was playing, employees seemed nice, and store was very organized. Earwax Records is “Must Do.”



    Artists & Fleas —


    This place was really cool. So, it’s a large open space that has 30+ artists/vendors with tables inside. From custom jewelry to quirky vintage clothing, there was literally something for everyone. One guy, took old super hero/comic book sheets and sewed them onto shirts, bags, etc. Another, took old books and fashioned them into clocks. Our favorite though, was this lady who made sterling silver jewelry. She had a line of dinosaur themed neckalces, one of which had a t-rex head with a hamburger clutched in his mouth. If you like artsy stuff, this place is for you. If you like knick knacks, this place is for you. Hell, if you like anything that’s not something you would find in a big box store, then you would love Artists & Fleas. We gladly put them on our  “Must Do” list.




    East River Park —



    Our final stop in the Williamsburg area was at East River Park. Having recognized the area from Grand Theft Auto (yell at me later), we spent a few minutes walking around and digesting the view across the river. The park was full of families, people reading, people playing with their dogs, etc. It was very relaxing and enjoyable. We rate this as a “Must Do.”


    Caffe’ Palermo —


    After leaving Williamsburg and heading into the city, we made a quick stop in Little Italy. Caffe’ Palermo caught our eye and we sure are glad that it did. They had strawberries stuffed with cannoli cream, the best cannoli cream we have ever had. Also, their tiramisu and espresso was fantastic! The menu included a myriad of cannoli themed offerings and a lot of lunch of dinner choices as well. If you are in Little Italy, you have to check out Caffe’ Palermo. No matter what you are hungry for…..Caffe’ Palermo is a “Must Do.”


    Sparks Steak House —



    At this point, we were starving, so we dropped a pin and headed towards Sparks Steak House. Sparks is world famous not only for its great food/wine/EVERYTHING, but also for being where Gambino family crime boss Paul Castellano and underboss Thomas Bilotti were gunned down on the orders of the infamous John Gotti in 1985. Once seated, we ordered the filet mignon, lamb chops, hash browns, bufala mozzarella with sliced tomato, and spinach. For dessert, we had Baileys on the rocks with some chocolate truffle. Each bite was nothing short of perfection. Sparks is a landmark and it’s how everyone visiting NYC should end their visit. Don’t think about the price and just enjoy it, you’ll thank us later. Sparks Steak House is one of our favorite entries on our “Must Do” list.


    Travel —

    From start to finish, UBER provided us with clean vehicles and professional drivers. They don’t have limitations on where they can go, are never off duty, and show up with a smile whether its at noon or 3AM. SIDE NOTE — One of the drivers informed us that UBER only takes around 30% of the total. Apparently other companies and dispatch services take north of 50% from the drivers, so kudos to UBER for putting more money in small business owners pockets!



    Jacob Engels, is the Founder of East Orlando Post. Along with the Post, he owns several other businesses and is currently enrolled at Valencia College. Jacob has lived in Avalon Park since it’s founding and enjoys playing with his black Labradoodle Jasper, listening to indie rock, and seeking out new business ventures. He can be reached at