TV Preview – Duck Dynasty


    By Michelle Percey

    The Robertsons are here! Yup you guess right Jack! Duck Dynasty is a big hit on cable TV. It’s their third season and they have certainly gained popularity.  The Robertsons are known for making duck calls. It’s a family owned business that once began in a tiny apartment 25 years ago, and now its a multi million dollar industry, but that hasn’t changed how they live.


    The Robertsons are pure rednecks and proud of it. Long beards and camouflage, the men in the family take hunting very seriously but they also have a great sense of humor. The show has gained a huge following from “yuppies” (non redneck folk) as Phil Robertson would say.


    The humor and southern sayings that keep us laughing, keeps us watching. For the ladies out there, this show is for you too. If you enjoy cooking then you’ll love Miss Kay. She is the mom of the family and she enjoys southern cooking. She cooks squirrel and everything in between. If you want to try something new, watch this show for a delicious recipe.


    At the end of the show, the entire family sits down for a southern meal and reflects on what life has taught them that day. This show will make you HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!


    Michelle Percey is a wife and proud mother of two beautiful children. She enjoys discussing TV shows and movies in her spare time.