Spring Break Jams 2013


    By Shane Maloy


    I listen to a whole lot of music. More so than I believe the usual person. My work allows me to focus on some tasks while jamming out, so I am always on a hunt for new and exciting music instead of just repeating what’s in my Spotify starred list. Today, I’m going to give you 3 quick songs (and overall bands) to check out this week. I believe, if you listen to them, you’ll like them as much as I have this past week.



    1. Oh, Emily – Jukebox the Ghost

    I saw this band open up for Motion City Soundtrack at the Beacham here in Orlando back in early November. My girlfriend and I instantly fell in love with this group and have seen them headline at another show just last month when they came to the Social as headliners.




    Their style is hard to explain, but my classification would be “brainy indie pop/rock.” Featuring Ben Thornewill on the keys, Tommy Siegel (who is a mighty fine sketcher over on his Instagram) and Jesse Kristin on drums. The simple trio combine their talents to produce music that will put you in a good mood regardless of any other factors that life may throw at you. You most certainly want to go have a listen to this song or even listen through their latest album, Safe Travels over on Spotify or your favorite music streaming service.



    2. Steel and Blood – Minus the Bear
    I saw this group back a few months ago, and it was one of my favorite concerts ever. A 5 person group, who started in Seattle quickly grew their fan base and now fills almost all of the shows they play. I particularly like this song by them because it shows the harder rock side of their tunes. Another popular song by them, “Pacuca Sunrise”, is a little more mellow if that’s your taste. I’d classify them as alternative with a very cool reliance on fuzz and layered guitar pieces.



    3. All Over Again – Aaron and Andrew
    This was a download I got off NoiseTrade a few weeks ago. I really really dig their entire album, “To Be Brave.” Very catchy stuff with simple and melodic guitar riffs. Their use of rhythmic delays and analog synths mesh perfectly making this new download one of my favorites.


    So there you have it! Those are my three “Spring Break Jams.”  If you have any bands/songs that you think I’d like, feel free to shoot me an email over at shanemaloy@gmail.com.



    Shane is a audiophile and designer from Orlando FL. He started on his first website design project at 15 years old, and has fallen deeper in love ever since. He’s a writer, musician, technology freak and loves quality time with those he loves.