EXCLUSIVE: Brush Fire in Avalon Park Grandeville Raging On


    A fire that has been buring for several hours on in the wooded area behind the Grandeville Avalon Park apartment complex continues to rage on. The complex is located on the corner of East Colonial and Avalon Park East Boulevard. East Orlando Post sources confirm that several dogs are trapped in buildings near the fire. GrandeVille’s management is working with Orange County Sheriffs Office and Orange County Fire Department to free the animals.


    UPDATE – We can now confirm that the dogs have been freed from the buildings near the brush fire. 2 Grandville residents charged into the residences to rescue the dogs.


    Maintenance supervisor John Cardoza saw the smoke just before 5PM and confirms that several buildings have been evacuated. He said fire fighters have been battling the blaze with foam and water since it started late afternoon.




    More updates to come, going back into the flames to check on the situation!