4 Home Security Tips


    By Paul Rene Jr.


    Securing a home against a break-in is never a sure thing. Even if you have an alarm system or a barking dog, a motivated burglar can still find his way into your home with relative ease. In today’s communities, where most of our homes are structured in almost the same way, what’s the difference between a hard target and an easy target?  I’m going to give you some helpful tips that would deter even the savviest burglar from recognizing your home as an easy target.



    1. Neighborhood Watch


    This is one of the most important tips I can give on home security. It is important to build a relationship with your neighbors because they will eventually act as a first line of defense. When the community is close, neighbors are more likely to report to you or the authorities of any suspicious activity that may occur. Most burglars like to recon the neighborhood in order to find out what is a worthwhile target. Having neighbors who are aware of who frequents your home will increase the chances of them calling the authorities when the see someone hanging around your home or doing something more blatant like crawling through your side window. It saddens me to know that many people have been living in their community for years and they don’t even know who is living next to them. Neighbors can help keep an eye on your home when you’re away on that business trip or vacation with the family, so get out there and say hello to your neighbor!




    1. Light Discipline


    CLOSE YOUR BLINDS AT NIGHT!! It’s easier to see the inside of your home when you leave the lights on and the blinds open then it is in the daytime. All a burglar has to do is grab some popcorn, watch, and wait for the right time to strike. Single mothers and women who live alone put themselves in great danger when they are exposed in this manner. Just remember that if you are going to turn on the lights inside your home, close the blinds. On another note, provide your home with adequate lighting on the outside and eliminate as many dark areas as possible. When away, have a timer set so burglars won’t be aware that you won’t be coming home any time soon.




    1. Install a Home Security System


    There are many companies that can provide you with an adequate home security system but the blaring of the alarm doesn’t happen until after the burglar breaks in. Knowing that the authorities are coming is helpful, but the trick is to deter the burglars from coming on your property at all. Make sure you post your alarm company’s logo all over the outside of your home. One sign on the front lawn, a sign in the backyard, and stickers on every downstairs window should do the trick and should have burglars second guessing if they really want to go through the hassle.





    1. Don’t Talk to Strangers


    I know you’re excited about your upcoming vacation to the Dominican Republic next week, but keep that information “in the family.” Many victims have the tendency to announce their plans at the barbershop, the salon, the gym, etc. Social media is another avenue where burglars can dig up valuable information about your whereabouts, so try saving the pictures of you snorkeling until you come back home.



    Paul Rene Jr., is a former U.S. Army Intelligence soldier who served our country in the 82nd Airborne Division and has worked for several prominent paramilitary organizations. Paul Rene Jr. has been living in the Orlando area for over 20 years. Paul owns and operates Omega Core Industries LLC, which provides private investigation services, executive protection, and more. Omega Core Industries services include but are not limited to Investigations, Assets Transport, Convoy Security, and Executive Protection. Their services are provided worldwide. Recent overseas work has included the training and management of Personal Security elements in Port Au Prince, Haiti. He is a single father of an 8 year old boy and is currently pursuing an Undergraduate Degree in Psychology at the University of Central Florida. When it’s not about business, Paul enjoys working out, basketball, shooting pool, playing chess, and scuba diving. Paul can be reached at 407-601-9493 or you can visit his website at omegacoreindustries.com.