Top 10 Reasons I Decided To Become A Vegan


    By Kasey Coutinho


    Three months ago, I started living a vegan lifestyle. Many factors influenced my choice, but I have narrowed it down to the ten most important. Hopefully this encourages people to consider living a vegan lifestyle.


    1. To loose excess fat-since plant-based foods are naturally low in fat, sugar, and salt. Makes it much easier to lose weight.

    2. Animal protein is not easily digested.

    3. Dairy Milk (contrary to popular belief) causes bones to leech calcium because it increases blood pH.

    4. Animals are not slaughtered humanely and they are treated as commodities to agri-business instead of as life forms.

    5. Vegan food is really tasty like sweet potatoes, quinoa, and edamame.

    6. It’s cheaper, plain and simple. I can buy bulk grains and beans for cheaper than the price of a package of chicken.

    7. It reduces my carbon footprint because I’m not involved in all of the transport, methane pollution, and factory waste.

    8. There is just as much protein to be found in plant sources. Tofu, legumes, grains, and seitan are my favorites.

    9. There is no cholesterol in plant based foods I’m reducing my risk of heart disease.

    10. It reduces my risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, and most cancers.


    Kasey Coutinho is a recent vegan convert who is already benefiting from living a vegan lifestyle. Kasey graduated from Timber Creek High School and is currently enrolled at UCF. She is passionate about educating people about the vegan lifestyle and defeating stereotypes about the movement.