Marketing Is Everywhere


    By Mayra Etayo


    I’ve lived in East Orange County for eight years. I’ve been involved with marketing in one way or another for over twenty two years. But never before has it been so vital for companies to truly grasp the importance of marketing. We are in a recession. And many feel that it will only get worse. Companies big and small are struggling to survive. People are facing a 7.9% unemployment rate. Something has to change.


    As an avid YouTube viewer (I watch YouTube for everything…beauty advice, how to’s, entertainment), it occurred to me just a few months ago that there was a world of opportunity there. I’m constantly giving “free” marketing advice. I steadily volunteer for events and organizations offering my marketing services. Why not create a YouTube channel where I can share my twenty two years of experience in public relations, marketing, event planning/promotions, and social media and content marketing.


    I created METV to share everything from how to promote your company through community relations to how to use Twitter to increase visibility within your target audience.


    When the East Orlando Post came calling, I realized this was a way for me to give back to my community.


    So with the economy getting worse every day, unemployment lines getting longer and empty store fronts reminding us how delicate the balance is between success and financial upset, each week we’ll cover tools and information that will help improve our businesses and our communities here in East Orange County.


    Marketing is Everywhere. It affects us as consumers and as business owners. We have a lot to cover. 


    In this column we’ll be covering:


    •    Business Highlights
    •    Community Events/Marketing Opportunities
    •    Marketing Advice
    •    Business Information
    •    Helpful Tools & Services
    •    Marketing 101
    •    And more…


    In next week’s article, we’ll start with a series that I believe is important because the first step in marketing anything is learning how to market ourselves. We’ll begin with some of the basics of resume writing. But in the next few weeks, we’ll move on to company resumes. Company resumes are a great marketing tool and a great foundation for your marketing profile. 


    In the meantime, please be sure to like our East Orlando Post Facebook page. Periodically, I will be sharing quick marketing tips and opportunities there as well.


    Over the course of her extensive twenty-two year career Mayra Etayo has worked with over 50 local, national and international companies including, American Red Cross, March of Dimes, and AMACO Oil, the Village of Key Biscayne, encompassing media relations and press conferences, community relations, events production, newsletters, and crises communications. You can find METV on Follow Mayra on her Facebook Page:, or follow her on Twitter: