Hair Extensions Are a Wise Choice

    By: Andrew Jiminez


    For a top down approach to looking your best night and day, don’t start any further down than your hair.  Hair extensions are not just an alternative these days, they can actually be good for you.  Here’s ten reason why.


    1. Not permanent. Unlike color and cuts, extensions are reversible! Try them out, if you feel they’re not for you then take them out with little to no effects on your own hair.



    2. Have length, but want volume? Adding extensions will pump up the volume and give your hair movement! Achieve the style you want with a little more volume!



    3. Add length. Extensions will instantly give you the long hair you’ve been wanting. Get up to 22″ in just a few hours!



    4. Add color without any damage to your hair. Get highlights with the color of your choice. You can easily take them out when you’re over it!



    5. Feel more confident! You will instantly feel sexier, more feminine, and more energized!



    6. Cover any split ends. When hair extensions are attached you will have healthy hair all over again! Extensions will help cover all your damaged ends and leave your hair looking shiny and fabulous!



    7. Grow your natural hair out. Give your hair a break and let the extensions take the heat. While wearing the extensions it will give your hair time to grow to your desired length.



    8. Look younger. Hair extensions will present a healthier, younger more vibrant looking you!



    9. Boost your social life! Don’t let your hair leave you feeling secure and anti-social. When you’re confident in the way you look, you will want to bust out the front door and show off!



    10. Unlimited hair styling possibilities! Long sexy ponytails, up-do’s, straight ironed, etc…







    Andrew Jimenez, is a stylist who works at Peter Jacob Salon in Avalon Park. He specializes in hair extensions, weaves, color services, and more. Andrew is a recent graduate of The Paul Mitchell School. You may reach him at 407-737-3717 to make an appointment.